Zero Impact arrives in Madagascar

Since 2008, LifeGate has participated in a large Zero Impact project on the island of Madagascar: It contributes to the creation, development, and protection of new forests in various areas of the Malagasy territory, allocating carbon credits to participating companies. Madagascar has one of the highest levels of biodiversity on the planet, with a very high rate of endemism* (over 80%) due to its geographical position and the specific ecological features of its territory.

*What does endemism mean?

Endemism is a term used in biology to refer to the distribution or presence of a species that is limited to a certain (often narrow and specific) geographic area. In other words, an endemic organism or species cannot be found anywhere else in nature: It only exists in a particular region. 80% of the species that are present in Madagascar only exist there.

What has been done already: The Ilena Project

Thanks to the Ilena Project, more than 115 hectares of land were planted with native plants coming from a nursery built within the same natural reserve.

The project was made possible thanks to a collaboration between non-profit organizations (not only environmental ones) and the local department of the Malagasy Ministry of Environment and Forests. By working together, they were able to carry out many initiatives for the development and improvement of the village.

…and also:

  • The renovation of the leper colony
  • The expansion of the road connecting to the city
  • The extension of the electric grid
  • The construction of a school with a canteen for children 
  • The construction of a small dam to guarantee a constant supply of water to the village
  • Environmental education and training courses on reforestation 
  • Info sessions, aimed at locals, on agricultural techniques

The project has also promoted forest fire prevention courses to improve the protection of the territory from natural disasters.

The success of the Ilena Project proves the potential for collaboration between different organizations, associations, and the local community, leading to tangible results both in social terms and in the demographic growth of the village.

News from the nature reserve

The last inspection of the reserve confirmed the success of the plantation of native species despite the challenges linked to the sloping land and low fertility soil. The first plot of land has been completely planted, while part of the second plot is being redeveloped with the spontaneous growth of forest vegetation.

The joint work plan is based on key guidelines, which include: The use of native species, the active participation of Malagasy partners, the protection of forest areas, the training and surveillance of the local community, and bans on hunting and tree cutting.

Thanks to the pastures and the production of charcoal, the planted trees are growing and consolidating their presence: Together with the native spontaneous vegetation, they are transforming a previously degraded area into a green and lush territory. Furthermore, always within the project plan, rural development activities were carried out for both children and adults in the village.

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