A tree*** included?

GoGreen! doesn’t just help plant trees.
You can find it well explained here, so you know exactly what you are taking part in.
That is what those *** beside the word Tree mean.

The protection of the territory

The area in which the tree will be planted is studied in order to preserve its biodiversity and minimize the impact on the local flora and fauna. Preventing soil erosion contributes to the sustainability of the environment in which the tree will grow.


A proper and regular amount of water is essential to ensure the development of a strong root system.

Cleaning the woodlands

Removing dry branches and debris from the surrounding undergrowth helps protect young plants, preventing both diseases and risks of fire.

Soil care

Maintaining soil health is crucial. Adding compost or fertilizer can greatly improve soil quality and provide nutrients to plants.

CO2 storage

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a technology that safely captures and stores carbon emissions to reduce the global greenhouse effect. It is a fundamental process in the fight against climate change, but it requires a combined action to reduce emissions at the source and promote low-carbon energy sources.

Planting a tree is a significant gesture, one that moves from the darkest of roots to the highest of crowns. Do you want to help us improve our environment and the quality of our life?