WordPress Hosting

Our 100% green
hosting service

Handle your websites quickly and easily
from the GoGreen! dashboard powered by Plesk.


Monitor the visitor statistics and speed metrics of your website from our dashboard. The system is integrated with Google PageSpeed Insights: You can easily make an analysis from the dashboard with these professional tools!


Update your WordPress website directly from the GoGreen! dashboard: You can update themes and plugins with maximum security and peace of mind as it is supported by our Backup system.


Our hosting service provides daily backups and one month of data retention. Furthermore, it is possible to launch updates, backups, and data restoration in full autonomy with one simple click!

Staging Environment

Create a one-click staging environment by cloning your website, and manage it separately from your online site. This way you can test new versions of themes and plugins or check the impact of "risky" upgrades.

DNS Management

Manage DNS independently and carry out any redirects conveniently from the interface: These tasks only take a few minutes and no code is necessary.

Domain Registration

From our dashboard, you can check the availability of new domains and proceed to purchase them in full autonomy, or easily add new subdomains in just a few simple steps!

Version of PHP

Use the latest version of PHP and make sure to keep your website in good condition. Does it not work? You can easily change the PHP engine with 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, available in all environments!

WP Toolkit

Install and configure WordPress with just one click thanks to a powerful tool like WP Toolkit, and automatically integrate it with our hosting service and our server-side optimization and caching system.

Automated Payments

With GoGreen!’s system, you run no risk of losing your data or your domain: You can automate payments or choose to load a prepaid credit. This way you never miss a deadline!

The security of your websites
is our priority

Security Tools

Our services include security audit and hardening tools that make it easy to protect your website. Each server also has active and passive security measures and other advanced features to prevent access to data. If your website is compromised, we'll fix it for free.

Uptime, Monitoring, and Backup

Our automatic backups distributed in different geographical locations allow us to guarantee the service (99.9%) even in the event of disasters. Additionally, we monitor all websites hosted by us more than 700 times a day.

Free SSL and Simplified SSL Management

All our hosting packages include a free SSL certificate and end-to-end encryption. We also provide the wildcard certificate for your subdomains for free.

Firewall and DDoS Protection

We detect and immediately block DDoS attacks and any other malicious event thanks to a fail2ban-based federation firewall.

Top Speed and Performance

Our servers are top-of-the-line. They all have 1 GBit/s of guaranteed bandwidth, 128GB of RAM, 64CPU, and caching and security. Our company philosophy is to host no more than 400 websites per server.

Guaranteed Immediate Assistance

We respond to your support ticket requests in no more than 8 working hours. The infrastructure automatically notifies us of any technical problems, which we resolve in a very short time.

Save at least €40/month
with GoGreen!

If not included in our hosting package, you should purchase these software to have the same level of security and performance:

GoGreen!Monthly cost without GoGreen!
Email Forwarder (MailGun)$5
Advanced Caching (WP Rocket)$5
Infrastructure Backup$10
Image Enhancement (Short Pixels)$8
Uptime Monitoring (Plesk Platform360)$2
SSL Certificates (Let’s Encrypt)$5
Antivirus / Antimalware (Plesk ImmunifyAV+)$5
FreeTotal $40+ a month

Optional Add-Ons


Open source tool and in-memory data structure store used as a database, cache, and message broker.
+ €240 / year

Elementor PRO

"Site builder" plugin that allows you to create a website without any IT or programming skills.
+ €20 / year

Gravity Forms

This tool is useful for creating forms with multiple options, from contact forms to advanced forms with logical conditions, file uploads, questionnaires, and surveys.
+ €10 / year