About us

We are a team of professionals, computer technicians, and creatives (a bit nerdy) with the aim of making the world we live in a better place. How, you ask?

With technical skills, experience, and design we offer the possibility of having a valuable online presence.

GoGreen! service

GoGreen! is a completely carbon positive hosting service aimed at B2Bs: It’s fast, easy, and includes a Tree***.

Sustainability has always been a guiding light for us. Over the years, we have developed skills, relationships, and experience in this direction.

Today, we manage more than 700 websites of every kind and size: We are very proud of this but we are also determined to increase the zeros in this figure.

Our infrastructure servers are 100% eco-sustainable: Our data centers are powered by renewable sources. This is why we are carbon neutral.

What we believe in

Even a single drop makes a difference in the grandest of seas.

A sustainable web is possible. In fact, it is already here!

The Green Ethic is not fluff: It starts from simple things that anyone can foster and develop. You can be present online while also respecting the environment.

The trio “Simple, Fast, and Efficient” is always a winner. “Trust” also belongs up there on the podium because, like water, if it is missing no grass can grow.

Every opportunity is a good one to share, mingle, make connections, and discover new things and places.

Nature teaches us that diversity is always a resource.

You only need to follow 3 steps to be Green!


Sign up or migrate
your domain to GoGreen!

Your way to a more sustainable web starts here: Register a new domain or migrate your existing one to GoGreen!

This is the first step to reducing the environmental impact of your website.


Carbon Neutral

Your website will be hosted on zero-impact servers and will be powered by renewable and low-impact energy sources. (find out where

The few carbon emissions produced by your website and its network traffic will be offset by our protection and reforestation projects.


Carbon Positive

With GoGreen! hosting you actively contribute to the fight against climate change. We will plant  a tree***: for each subscription: this action allows you to eliminate the carbon production generated by your website, hence contributing to the protection of the environment. You are carbon positive!