GoGreen Sustainable Hosting

100% Carbon-Positive
200% Green+Active!

You want a hosting service and you want it to be green. And fast, safe, and convenient. Okay, but how much cooler would it be if, by paying for it, you helped reforest a piece of the world?

GoGreen! is a sustainable hosting service that includes a solid action on your part: The planting of a Tree*** is just the tip of the tree crown (and there are tons of other green actions you can contribute to!)

This is why it is 200 % green active.
And fast, safe, and convenient.

Don’t worry if you don’t have boots and shovel: GoGreen! will take care of your Tree*** for you!

With your everyday work you can contribute to make this world a place that is sustainable (for everyone) and supported (by you).

In GoGreen!, your website is built on healthy soil, powered by clean energy: Its servers have no environmental impact thanks to natural cooling systems (are you familiar with the cold North winds?).

This is why it is 100% carbon positive.

If the Internet were a country, it would be the fourth most polluting after the major world powers. But you already knew this. If you are here it is because you are trying to make this country a bit cleaner, aren’t you?

Bingo! You are in the right place.

The hosting for a web space is the ground on which to lay the foundations of your Home. The calculation is super simple:

The average energy consumption of a website is 400 kg of CO2, and GoGreen! absorbs 400 kg of CO2 for each website it manages!

Do you care about the future of our planet but don’t know how to act, practically?

Improve your tomorrow
starting today, here!

Domain included if you pay annually!

Basic Plan

Designed for
~ 10.000 monthly visits

€9,00 / month

Domain included if you pay annually!

Pro Plan

Designed for 
~ 50.000 monthly visits

€19,00 / month

Domain included if you pay annually!

Business Plan

Designed for 
~ 200.000 monthly visits

€29,00 / month