Where to find us

Find out where GoGreen!’s servers
and projects are located.

GoGreen! Servers

GoGreen!’s servers are supplied by the German environmental partner Hetzner, which is certified in 100% green energy production. It is based in Germany (Nuremberg and Falkenstein), Finland (Helsinki), and in the United States (Hillsboro, Oregon). All its locations powered by clean energy sources, including natural water and wind sources. By subscribing to GoGreen! you take part in an international team of environmental supporters: Your website is a small seed that can grow to become meadows, woods, and forests!

GoGreen! Projects

To the rhythm of shovel and rake, GoGreen! operates in Italy, Brazil, and Madagascar. But there are other seedlings ready to bloom in the world. You can contribute to care for them by choosing a GoGreen! hosting plan.

  • Protection of 420 sq m of Amazon Forest (Stand Up Forests Project)
  • Protection of 8778 sq m of wooded areas in the Natural Park of the Valle del Ticino (Zero Impact Project)
  • Creation and protection of new forest areas in Madagascar (Zero Impact Project)
  • GoGreen!’s headquarters in the city of Venice are 100% carbon neutral

Who is LifeGate

LifeGate is an organization that works with companies to calculate, reduce, and offset carbon emissions. It partners with GoGreen! in all the environmental initiatives it supports. Therefore, also for your tree***.

LifeGate designs and applies strategies of resource optimization and consumption reduction. Its objective (as well as that of GoGreen!) is to enhance its ecological footprint by offering consultancy and communication strategy development services.