The “Zero Impact” Project

Zero Impact is a LifeGate project that calculates, reduces, and offsets carbon emissions generated by people and institutions, events and products, companies and organizations.

GoGreen! by Elan42 has joined this project, and by doing so it has offset its environmental impact, contributing to the protection of 8778 sq m of wooded areas in the Natural Park of the Valle del Ticino.

This project relies on the collaboration of Italian and foreign universities specialized in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and in the assessment of natural parks and reserves for activities of reforestation and forest preservation and protection.

Companies joining the “Zero Impact” Project support the offsetting of residual carbon emissions. How? Through carbon credits generated by projects aimed at energy efficiency and at creating and protecting growing forests in Italy and in developing countries (Bolivia, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Panama, New Zealand, China).

Some numbers

Since 2002, over 1.000 companies (including Elan42 with its GoGreen!) and organizations have chosen to join the project to reduce and offset the environmental impact of their activities, transportation, events, products, and services. Today, over 400 million products have the Zero Impact brand.

In the Natural Park of the Valle del Ticino

Many carbon credits have been generated in the nature reserve Bosco Siro Negri (260.000 sq m) since 2003. Elan42 and its GoGreen! has also contributed to this project, together with other 250 entities, including:


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