The “Stand Up Forests” Project

With its “Stand Up Forests” Project in collaboration with the Italian non-profit organization ICEI and the Brazilian one AVIVE, LifeGate has been protecting and preserving 560 hectares of the Amazon forest since 2012. This green area has been granted by Brazil to 27 families from the San Pedro community involved in the project, which aims to prevent and fight deforestation, arson, illegal hunting, and other environmental crimes.

The area is located within the municipality of Silves, which is 340 kilometers from Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas. The 41 communities that reside in this area live on fishing, farming, and using local resources to provide for themselves, with no way of generating income and therefore improving their conditions. The community of San Pedro, which is distributed along the Igarapé Capivara River, consists of 27 families: Around 150 people including men, women, and children.

The community of San Pedro has entered the state land-grant plan. Each family can dispose of 50 hectares of land (for a total of 1350 hectares granted by the state). 20 percent of the land can be used for agricultural use and resource exploitation. The remaining 80 percent, or 560 hectares, must remain pure and untouched forest, therefore the families are called to protect it. The lands are granted by the Land Institute of Amazonas.

Through the “Stand Up Forests” Project, Elan42’s GoGreen has presided over and protected 420 sq m of Amazon Forest for a year.

Trees is a LifeGate project that fights climate change through the planting and protection of trees, forests, and natural habitats.

This project develops the protection and regeneration of forest ecosystems, protects biodiversity, and mitigates the global greenhouse effect.

The planted trees represent the commitment to a more sustainable future and aim to create a positive impact on the environment.The Trees initiatives include:

  • Training programs for children
  • The protection of the Marsican brown bear habitat in the National Park of the Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise regions
  • The protection of the Amazon Forest in Brazil through the “Stand Up Forests” Project
  • The promotion of reconnection with nature through the creation of customized gardens (“Reconnection Gardens / Garden Therapy” Project) for the well-being of people at work, school, and hospitals
  • Urban redevelopment projects, like the “Green Km” Project
Trees in the Amazon Rainforest, in Brazil

Through the “Stand Up Forests” Project, Elan42’s GoGreen has presided over and protected 420 sq m of Amazon Forest.

The actions to protect biodiversity are tangible:

  • The recovery of native fruit plants
  • The restoration of meadowland
  • The integration of local fauna 
  • The maintenance of wooded areas
  • The protection of the natural habitat


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